Radiant Hands

Radiant Hands Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Gainesville, FL serving North Central Florida. Since our establishment in 2005 we have distributed over $90,000 in assistance to women and families in need within this immediate area. Radiant Hands Inc. fills a niche in the community assisting those who normally would “fall through the cracks” of normal social service providers since our target recipients are employed – those often with the low paying and/or minimum wage positions who face unforeseen emergency expenses. When the car breaks down they can either fix the car or pay the rent. If the utility bill doubles, they can pay the bill or buy food but not both.

Our Mission

Radiant Hands is here to empower women in the North-Central Florida area by providing them with spiritual, emotional and financial support with the goal of helping them achieve independence in mind. In doing so, we hope to encourage and enable women to contribute individually and collectively in strengthening our community as a whole.

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